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The Value Added Tax (VAT) is a form of tax on consumption that applies to nearly all goods and services. Since the GCC governments have agreed to implement VAT, many businesses are now at alert. UAE shall also be adopting the system as well from January 2018. Tax Help offers specialized VAT consulting services to businesses all over Dubai. Our expert VAT consultants have over 10 years of tax experience. They will dedicate themselves in providing tax on consumption, strategies and implementation plans to benefit your business in the long run.

The UAE has implemented the Value Added Tax (VAT) from January 1st, 2018 to almost all goods and services. Tax Help is an accredited firm that provides VAT consulting services in Abu Dhabi. Our devoted team of professionals commit to support in all VAT related activities and advise on what specific decisions to make. Our tax consultants strictly follow honesty and professionalism in updating and implementing the strategies in Abu Dhabi. We guarantee easy transference of your company towards VAT implementation appropriately.

Types of VAT Services We Provide

Our team of tax consultants will support your business from the registration process to the record keeping of tax invoices to avoid penalties.

Tax Help consists of individuals who have years of experience in VAT implementation across India and other taxable countries. Our VAT consultants will certify smooth transition of the tax process.

Book an appointment with our VAT agent who are entrusted with over 10 years of overseas Tax experience from Asia.

Primarily, our specialized VAT consultants assist businesses in identifying all compliance requirements as per the Abu Dhabi VAT legislation. This will then be associated with overall business operations.

To avoid any penalties from the FTA, our VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi will ensure your invoices are filed and recorded professionally.

Tax Help offers free VAT readiness assessment for businesses to prepare for the official VAT application with the help of our consultants.

Our VAT consultants carry the entire responsibility of the online registration with Federal Tax Authority with required documents of the business.

Important UAE VAT Updates

VAT In UAE | Value Added Tax UAE: What You Need To Know.

Federal Tax Authority (FTA) have an official website for UAE companies. Our VAT consultants will gather all the necessary documents based in Abu Dhabi for the online procedures.

Non-residents that make supplies of taxable goods and services in the UAE will be necessitated to register for VAT. This is unless there is any other UAE resident person who is responsible for accounting for VAT.

A supplier registered for VAT must issue a valid Tax Invoice for the supply. This is mandatory to ensure VAT compliance by the UAE government.

Reimburses will be made after the receipt of the claim and subject to verification checks to avoid any possible frauds.

A policy shall be initiated to allow a UAE national who is not registered for VAT to recover VAT paid on goods and services linking to constructing a new residence.

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